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     Welcome to the Comrades In Arms MMC website. We are a Military Motorcycle Club; a family club that is identified as 99% and we have no intentions of ever becoming a 1% club. We are not your local HOG Chapter, nor are we your local weekend warriors either. We respect all clubs/organizations, and support those that support us. We are an independent MMC and choose to stay that way, and more importantly, we mind our own business. Our Club has the same hang around and probationary traditions of Motorcycle Clubs (established over 70 years ago by military veterans) and we continue to stand together as brothers in our club, the same way we watched each other's backs while deployed. We are what we say we are and nothing more or nothing less.  We have no hidden agendas or interests besides having a group of brothers to ride with and places across the country to crash while we are on the open road enjoying life. If you are looking for a patch or something other than what we stand for, then we are not for you.


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      The Comrades in Arms MMC was started by Combat Veterans ( USAF DIRTBOYZ and US ARMY VETS) who wanted to start a brotherhood that enjoys the same beliefs and Interests family, riding motorcycles, partying, hanging out and the open road adventure. We came from different parts of the United States to form as one team and one fight that the Military lifestyle  has given us, and carry it on into our civilian lives by forming this club to socialize together as a group of men sharing our stories and helping one another through the tough times. That is how the Comrades in Arms MMC was started and how we plan on staying.        


The requirements to join the Comrades in Arms MMC: You must have HONORABLY served in one of the four branches of the US Military or Allied Nations. We do not allow any present, former member of any Law Enforcement Agency, nor any one that has had arrest authority join our Club. Loss of Privilege or Out Bad individuals from other clubs are also excluded. Patch Chasers or Enthusiasts are not welcome.


Our mission is to prevent Veteran Suicide and to help with PTSD. We accomplish this by providing a tight knit environment that includes family and club to keep strict accountability of our Comrades. Never Give Up.

Earned Not Given

Membership is not automatic, you must be voted in by 100% of the chapter you are wanting to join. You will be expected to hangaround and successfully complete a Prospect period. We follow traditional motorcycle club protocol.


You must have a valid motorcycle license endorsement and own a motorcycle bigger than 850cc.

Clean Code

You must be free of illegal drugs, and have no felony convictions.


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